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Web Design & Development

- Web design par excellence. The finest web site design at competitive prices. From Flash sites to smart programming, a full range of services are available for your website. Create a spectacular new site from the ground up or enhance your site with a new design or informative new content like sales videos or interactive product guides. Build your web site on a rock-solid code foundation. More Info

Print Design, Production & Management

- With 12 years of print industry experience, your print projects are skillfully designed and executed. Choose from a wealth of special print services to give your project a unique edge. Free project management is included to ensure it is printed correctly! More Info

Video Production

- Video production services for web delivery or commercial video. Kanoa produces intelligent video using diverse elements composed into a smooth, cohesive presentation. Add animation and special effects to enhance the content or turn your website into a dazzling interactive video. More Info

Original Artwork

- While most projects on this website involve illustrated material, some artwork qualifies as fine art by virtue of its appeal apart from its commercial value. Check out graphic art created with a variety of media: pencil sketching, airbrushing, pen and ink, 3D renderings, vector artwork, and photographic compositions. More Info


- Most of the photography in this section was captured on travel adventures around the world. You can also visit Daily Venture to view the entire collection of over 400 photos from tropical hot spots to major European cities and remote locations. All photos at Daily Venture are totally free, and available in multiple sizes and resolutions and most are formatted as wallpapers. More Info

Who/What is a Kanoa?

- Kanoa is a highly skilled graphic designer, web developer, programmer and project manager. A media producer for over 10 years, Kanoa is a creative force behind projects developed for AT&T, Gateway, Sprint, Hitachi, Applied Materials and Proflowers. More Info