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Anderson Direct
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San Diego, CA
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One-to-One Marketing is the key to higher mailpiece response!

How can you get more response from your mailings? How can you make each postcard, box and brochure more attractive? By customizing the content of each mailpiece, your targeted prospects respond more favorably to the message each contains.

Personalizing the Piece
Everything in the design can be varied to appeal to each distinct recipient: text, data, images and color graphics.

Mailpiece Variety
Information from a database can be used on many mailpieces: A single postcard, an envelope with six inserts or a complex campaign over several months.

How to Get Started
Anderson Direct can perform data mining necessary to personalize your marketing materials, develop your strategy and produce the creative content. We also have all the machinery in-house to finish the job and mail it out.

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Variable Color?
The diagram above illustrates the many types of variable information that can be used to personalize the mailpiece for the recipient.

Anderson Direct: we are your total-source direct marketing service. We offer top quality, innovative Direct Mail and Printing Services products that WORK. We deliver them on time.

Click on the link below for more information on One-to-One Marketing.

Full-Service Marketing

Anderson Direct has it all. State-of-the-art facilities and equipment. High-speed laser printing. Offset Printing. And, we're one of the world's largest full color variable Digital Printers.

The People & Equipment
We have an experienced data management group that can provide you with the tools to personalize your individual message or customize it to a target group. Our Mailing Services and flexible Fulfillment Services teams are unmatched in excellence and performance.

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