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Ciderle Muntaha Capital Alliance (CMCA) is a cutting-edge financial and investment institution that raises both dept and equity for real estate projects. Operating primarily as a commercial real estate fund manager and capitals market facilitator, CMCA is committed to exposing its clients to a broad new world of capital sources, strategic investment expertise, and innovative and excellent execution of business plans. In addition to securing the optimal capital market provider, CMCA uniquely combines professional expertise with personal service, offering each customer an opportunity to closely work with one of our professionals to examine a range of financial alternatives, assist with due diligence and post-closing requirements, and asset management. CMCA's innovation stems from its Seasoned Developers and Emerging Developers, whom operate on a domestic and global basis.

  1. Seasoned Developers: CMCA partners with proven seasoned developers, on both a domestic and global front, to structure investment portfolios that are tailored to the specificities of the equity investors, and investment community in the GCC. In addition, CMCA facilitates debt placement in domestic capital market channels.

    CMCA's innovative business model is furthered by its focus on passive equity positions with proven Developer Partners. CMCA identifies the best-of-breed Real Estate developers, with a demonstrated track record in specific asset classes and design asset-specific funds, to optimize the investment for our clients.
  2. Emerging Developers: CMCA works closely with emerging developers in the United States who have severed from large real-estate companies to establish their own development/acquisition firms. Emerging developers offer a market alternative to established developers, and maximize our capacity to facilitate and finally secure the optimal capital structure for our clients. Furthermore, CMCA offers cost-effective debt placement through capital market channels, and Equity and joint-venture alliance.