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Acrobatic Figure

Acrobatic Figure Illustration


Circular Desk Concept Illustration
Flower Illustration
Stippled Pen & Ink Drawing of Cityscape

Compass Composition
Acrobatic Figure
Exotic Flower
Woman's Face
Fluid Figure
Eye Study
Kiwi Fruit
Scarlet Macaw
Still Life
Nourse Farms
Circular Desk
3D Photo-Composition
Cityscape In Pen & Ink
Concept Of Achievement


A stylized figure, mapped to several intersecting circles and constrained to a rectangular grid. Originally drawn with pencil which I traced and cleaned up with pen and ink, then scanned and traced them with clean vectors in Adobe Illustrator. At the time I was tinkering around with printing effects. The colors are bright because it was intended to be printed with 3-color printing using Cyan, Magenta and Yellow (without Black). You can see those primary colors and simple color blends quite easily.

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