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Still Life

Still Life of Fruit on a Desk
3D Rendering of a Desk


Photo-Composition of 3D and Portrait Photography
Circular Desk Concept Illustration
Nourse Farms Catalog Cover Design

Compass Composition
Acrobatic Figure
Exotic Flower
Woman's Face
Fluid Figure
Eye Study
Kiwi Fruit
Scarlet Macaw
Still Life
Nourse Farms
Circular Desk
3D Photo-Composition
Cityscape In Pen & Ink
Concept Of Achievement


A classic still life of three-dimensional objects from several projects. I did alot of 3D stuff years ago and after awhile I had a bunch of projects I could put together in the same scene. In this case I built a unique desk design that later evolved into the circular desk concept also in this section.

3D Wineglass Explosion Animation

The fruit in this bowl are among some of the earliest 3D objects I created when using the now-obsolete Specular Infini-D for the Mac in 1996, about the same time I was working on the vector-based eye illustration. Before that, I had created a bowl of fruit in AutoCad for a project in high school in 1992. In the picture you can also see a binder created Sterling. It is open and on one of the pages is an early verion of the compass composition.

3D Binder Artwork
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