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Eye Study

Illustration of the Human Eye


Nourse Farms Catalog Cover Design
Illustration: Fluid Female Human Shape
Illustration: Concept of Achievement

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Acrobatic Figure
Exotic Flower
Woman's Face
Fluid Figure
Eye Study
Kiwi Fruit
Scarlet Macaw
Still Life
Nourse Farms
Circular Desk
3D Photo-Composition
Cityscape In Pen & Ink
Concept Of Achievement


An illustration demonstrating optical precision. This was one of my first detailed works using vector-based software, in this case, Adobe Illustrator 5.5. This original illustration I did back in 1996 while working at a print shop in Amherst, Massachusetts. I have thought of returning to it to clean it up and improve the detail and realism but I've got too much to do and it's old anyway.

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