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Nourse Farms

Nourse Farms Catalog Cover, Fruits and Vegetables


Acrobatic Figure Drawing
Illustration: Fluid Female Human Shape
3D Desk Artwork

Compass Composition
Acrobatic Figure
Exotic Flower
Woman's Face
Fluid Figure
Eye Study
Kiwi Fruit
Scarlet Macaw
Still Life
Nourse Farms
Circular Desk
3D Photo-Composition
Cityscape In Pen & Ink
Concept Of Achievement


An early composition of different media and styles from 1997 for the cover of Nourse Farms' 1998 product catalog. Nourse Farms of Massachusetts is a grower of vegetables and small fruits. Using a vector-based version of their logo I developed a 3D version. The fruits are also obviously 3D but the vegetables are all vector drawings in Adobe Illustrator. The asparagus and plant vines in particular were rather time-consuming, involving lots of carefully stippled detail. Look closely at the asparagus: they're supposed to resemble hands grasping the precious fruit in the center.

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