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American Medical Response


LocationLas Vegas, NV
WorkPowerpoint Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation

There's only one project for American Medical Response: a Powerpoint video presentation in their defense, given to the Las Vegas City Council, November 23, 1998. I wouldn't remember the date if I hadn't included it on the slide template.

Unfortunately, all I have left of it is this single frame of very low quality. The original looked much smoother and cleaner. Working with On Assignment at the time, we rushed to Las Vegas to help resolve a dispute between AMR and the City Council, which was making changes to AMR's contact and turning many services over to the local Fire Department.

My part was to develop a Powerpoint Presentation in less than 24 hours. While the content was being developed, I found a Kinko's and in about a half hour, put together this slide template image. The next morning the presentation was projected onto the Council's monitors during the hearing.

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Powerpoint Presentation for Aerican Medical Response

All that's left is this single side. The rest of the presentation has been lost in time. It wouldn't really matter because the rest of the presentation was just text against the same background.

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