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Animated Flash Banner Ads

A batch of Flash ads promoting the mobile web version of AT&T Wireless’ mMode Gameroom, a community where users can buy games, interact with buddies, post scores and much more.

High-Tech Animated Flash Banner for AT&T

M7 Networks and I had already been working on Sprint's Game Lobby when we began discussing animated Flash banner ads to promote M7's adaptation of mMode for the wireless web. The main piece was a large pop-up video, more than one minute in length, that described mMode's main features and how to access it on a user's cellular phone. Other Flash ads launched this main video.

The following Flash video is launched from ad banners on the mMode Gameroom home page. This one has music.

Featured Flash Ad (800 x 475)

M7 Networks

Nowadays M7 Networks is part of Motricity but you can still see the projects M7 Networks and I worked on.

See All M7 Networks Projects

Awhile back AT&T Wireless was purchased by Cingular and mMode Gameroom on the internet seems to have been discontinued now. I hear it is still working on Cingular handsets, which means M7's legacy has lasted beyond the purchase of both companies.

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FLASH BANNER AD : 305 x 350

Flash Plug-In Missing or Disabled
A cool Flash movie would have appeared here.

FLASH BANNER AD : 204 x 145

Flash Plug-In Missing or Disabled
A cool Flash movie would have appeared here.

This is the sister ad to the larger one above. Both of these ads were unusual dimensions that fit into slots on the now-defunct AT&T Wireless website.

They launched the main feature video ad which described mMode Gameroom's features on the wireless web. At the end of the video are instructions on how to access it on a mobile device.

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