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Active2005 - Present
LocationSan Diego, CA
WorkBrand Design
Web Applications
Printed Collateral

eCommerce Website Interface

Back in April of 2005 ExpressCorp of San Diego contracted me to develop a website for their AllianceTag brand which sold products through a single-page interface. It was carbon outdated and needed a modern facelift. An early set of mockups was developed and coded, but the project ran into other hurdles and was stalled for awhile. Meanwhile, a new brand and logo were developed, as well as a series of printed materials. Over the years the project has been restarted and the site and materials have undergone dramatic design changes. Only in September 2008, nearly 3½ years later, has the new AllianceTag website been launched.

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Early Website Designs

New Branding

AllianceTag is a manufacturer of asset tags. These are often barcoded or numbered, and imprinted with the owner's name or logo. Some are quite permanent and stick to their asset with the same steadfast determination as Opihi. AllianceTag uses a sophisticated process to engrave the identifying information below the surface of the aluminum or polyester tag to ensure longevity.

Old AllianceTag Logo

The old brand and logo on the right hadn't been updated for many years and was getting tired, so the first thing to do was create a new one. The final product is below.

New AllianceTag Logo Design

It occurred to me that the company's flagship product, the asset tag, would make a great logo. A logo itself is a company's asset. Since most orders for AllianceTag asset tags are placed online, we agreed to rename the company AllianceTag.com. I designed a new logo that featured the "A" in Alliance in a font that resembled a barcode. On the logo I decided to put the company's phone number. The final product is probably one of the more clever logo concepts I've developed. Name, website URL, phone number and picture of the product all represented in the logo design. And that lovely red color just pops out. Suh-weeeet!

Several Brochures...

A large main tri-fold brochure and a couple of inserts comprise the mailpiece. The main brochure has all sorts of juicy information about the value and resilience of asset tags, as well as customer testimonials. A brochure insert describes rigorous barcoding accuracy and the last brochure contains ordering instructions and serves as a fax ordering form.

AllianceTag Tri-Fold Brochure Design: Inside
AllianceTag Tri-Fold Brochure Design: Outside

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Home Page Design
Ordering Interface Design

The new website interface for placing online orders for asset tags. The site was launched in October 2008 and was followed by several months of marketing and further site development to create an online tag designer where the asset tag could be configured and the user could get an instant price.


Ordering Interface Design
Ordering Interface Design

This is the style guide inserted into the main brochure. It suggests four different methods of placing orders for asset tags and doubles as a faxable order form.

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