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Applied Materials


Metallic Poster

Clarity Communications contracted me to create
a series of promotional materials for Applied
Global University, the training web site for
Applied Material’s vast global workforce.
My first instinct was to create an
insanely complicated design
to reflect Applied’s main
semiconductor business,
but Claire stopped me in my
tracks. “We want to keep it really
simple and encourage employees to
use the system,” she reasoned. So we
developed designs based on the philosophy
of Simplicity. The results were a reference guide,
a diamond-shaped poster featured at right, a Flash
banner and a “cheat sheet” with easy instructions for
accessing and using the system. All the printed materials used the same three metallic colors for a very striking effect that cannot be reproduced here.

LocationSan Diego, CA
WorkFlash Banner Ads
Printed Materials

Reference Guide & Cheat Sheet

A standard single-fold brochure distributed to tens of thousands of Applied Materials employees to educate them on using AGU's simple new website.

Reference Guide and Cheat Sheet: A Brochure and Flyer Design Orinted with Two Metallics and Black Ink. Spiffy!

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Flash Plug-In Missing or Disabled
A cool Flash movie would have appeared here.

This is officially the first Flash animation I ever created. Claire Pinkham and I were working on the poster at left (measures 30" x 30") and the reference guides below and Claire asks if I can do an animated banner ad to get attention. Something flexible and eye-catching. So I said yes and developed this design to mimic the poster design. Roll over the banner to replay the animation.

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