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Creative Art Solutions


Active2002- 2003
LocationSan Diego, CA
WorkWeb Development
Flash Banner Ads

Super Agent

As an agent at global talent agency Aquent Partners, Lisa Welcher landed me some awesome projects like a highly successful five-year gig with Proflowers. So when she left to pursue her own business venture, naturally she contacted me for other projects. While running Creative Art Solutions, Lisa has been quite busy and has thrown some juicy steaks my way in the form of Hitachi Banners and her own website. I have also serviced some of her regular customers with general production work: Flash, XML, website coding and images.

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Hitachi Banners

One of my favorite projects will always be the Hitachi Banners. Some of the ads are expandable, sliding over other content on the page. Some tricky ActionScript and high-tech animation was involved.

Banners Ads for Hitachi

Creative Art Solutions Website

The Creative Art Solutions website is only composed of two actual pages and some sophisticated JavaScript and dynamic layers, but it appears as if you are navigating through a complex website. I developed the design and wrote the code, but another artist illustrated the nifty art objects and color scheme.

Creative Art Solutions Website

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Creative Art Solutions Website Design and Programming

It's amazing what you can do with a chunk of sophisticated JavaScript and dynamic layers. This was a successful experiment with this method of designing a website.

View Creative Art Solutions Website

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