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Artesia Website Design: Real Estate Development Site


Cassle Communications


Active2005 - 2006
LocationSan Diego, CA
WorkLaguna Point Website
Artseia Website


I think Fred Cassle at Cassle Communications received my brochure in the mail and that's how we came to do business together. Fred's been in the industry since the mid-60s and has produced a ton of marketing projects involving TV, radio and print advertising. When their clients request websites and internet-related services they usually farm it out. So, in their more recent history I have become their web development arm. A few notable projects like Laguna Point, SearchGear and Artesia have come down the feed line.

Real Estate Websites

Laguna Point Website Design: Real Estate Development

Since Cassle does alot of marketing for real estate developers it's no surprise that these are the types of projects that come my way. Laguna Point is a new condominium complex situated near the Buena Vista Lagoon. During construction Cassle was busy creating lots of media attention for the project and developing promotional material like a nice brochure that was some of the inspiration for the LagunaPoint.net website. Both included lots of lovely photography of the condominiums for sale, the lagoon and the town of Carlsbad.

Artesia Landing Page
Laguna Point Website

Artesia is a rent-to-own resort-style condominium complex in Escondido geared towards young Hispanic couples. A landing page for a new TV spot was needed to complete their next promotional venture. The page I developed was primarily a single large graphic with some clickable areas. The main feat in this project was coming up with a fresh design concept that incorporated a couple key photographs supplied by the client.

Recent Acquisition

Cassle Communications has recently been acquired by j. simms agency.


SearchGear Website Design

A series of website design mockups were developed for SearchGear, but the company has undergone various changes and new management has taken over, so the project has been on hold for awhile. We're all still optimistic that it'll proceed forward eventually but since we've been paid for the work so far, we're not terribly concerned about it. We all just like finishing things we start, so I guess that's the main drive.

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