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Rick Hernandez of I Drive Safely referred Paul Milazzo of Driver's Alert to me in May 2005. We immediately began working on a new logo and brand, website design, Flash video, a couple flyers and a poster, some Powerpoint presentations, application templates, two brochures, business cards and other miscellaneous projects. Driver's Alert has thus requested a full gamut of projects and I have strived to develop high-quality materials and consistent branding.

Old Driver's Alert Logo Design

New Logo Design

We started by developing a new logo. The old one was boxy and boring. It is supposed to represent both a bird's-eye view of a truck, and an exclamation mark. The Drivers Alert brand needed something modern and dynamic.

New Driver's Alert Logo Design

I hit upon orange and black for several reasons. First, they're road colors. Driver's Alert reflective vehicle decals are also orange and black, and lastly, orange pays tribute the Florida, the Orange State, where Driver's Alert is primarily located. To keep the brand fresh I opted to use green as a complementary color. And hey, I like green!

Active2005 - 2007
LocationSan Diego, CA
WorkLogo & Brand Design
Website Development
Flash Video
Printed Collateral
Trade Show Booth

Website Design

Once we nailed the logo and the client was happy, we tackled the website design. A clean, scalable design was developed to house their content on both the public site and the management suite offered to Driver's Alert customers. I developed a 90-second Flash video for the home page to describe to visitors the program's main features and how it works.

Driver's Alert Website


Driver's Alert Brochure Design

One brochure was created for new client orientation: assisting with setting up the program and understanding the features. The second was for prospects: outlining the program and major sales points. Driver's Alert has been around since 1989 and currently monitors 350,000 vehicles. With a full management suite and a solid operational infrastructure, the program can seem complex and daunting to new clients, so we endeavored to present the material in a simple straightforward manner with a clean design. Content was well-developed and the graphics were very sharp.

It was about this time that business cards were created for the company's staff and a technical illustration of proper decal placement (below) was drawn.

Technical Illustration of Decal Placement

Powerpoint Presentations

In the midst of all this a series of Powerpoint presentations were created to be delivered online or in meetings, or as prints included in the new client program packet. Slide examples can be seen in the left column and at the top.

Driver's Alert continues to be a great client. Thanks for the work Paul!

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Drivers Alert Website Design, Flash Video, and Programming

The Driver's Alert website features a 90-second video explaining the company's vehicle monitoring and behavior modification services.

View Drivers Alert Website


Drivers Alert Flyer Design

A simple sales flyer to distribute to new prospects. This was an early project that has since been mostly superceded by the more detailed and information-rich Overview Brochure and introductory PowerPoint presentations. This same design was also translated into a large-format poster for use at trade shows, industry events or conferences.

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