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Magazine Advertisement for HOVR, featured in XG VAS Magazine, New Delhi, India




Photo Illustration for HOVR Mobile Games Website
Active2007 - Present
LocationNew York, NY
WorkMobile Applications
Website Design

Mobile Games Community

HOVR is a mobile gaming community website. Members can download games, build a personal profile, post scores and interact with other members. I did similar work with M7 Networks and their GameSphere concept site, on Sprint's Game Lobby, the N-Gage Fantasy Sports website, TwitchGuru and TwitchTV and AT&T's mMode Gameroom Flash pop-up ad. Mobile gaming is a huge market and growing rapidly. No surprise there's lots of demand for websites of this nature. They also tend to be more fun than developing boring corporate sites.

HOVR Website

We went through a couple designs in the beginning before we hit on the current website design. Since HOVR has its own developers they needed templates to plug in their data. Some of these templates are the gamer's forum, gamer's profile and game statistics, and the main community page.

HOVR Mobile Games Website

You can also view some sample pages. These are not the client's proofing pages, but a separate site for the public.

HOVR Forums, Graphic Design and Programming

HOVR Home Page
Community Mockup Page
Player Game Stats
Player Profile
Community Login Page

HOVR Forums

HOVR was using a PHP forums application and an included interface template that only vaguely resembled the rest of the site. It needed a complete overhaul. Luckily, much of the conversion was based on modifying style sheets and specific interface images, without having to touch much of the PHP.

Magazine Advertisement Design

Branching out into print advertising, HOVR commissioned a magazine ad design for XG magazine in India. I took a rather plain stock photograph, incorporated some cool high-tech elements and some original artwork and turned it into a vibrant advertisement. Of course, it was also imperative that the ad followed the branding parameters set forth in the website. On the right you can see a small version, but click on it to see the detail in the final version. Since it was printed the crystal clear detail can only be seen in the final magazine print. Check it out!

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HOVR Mobile Games Website
HOVR Mobile Games Website

Pages from HOVR's website design. I've also developed unique graphics and customized certain pages (like their gamer forum) to follow the same design.


HOVR Magazine Advertisement
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