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Expandable Banners

Hitachi is a client of Campbell-Mithun, which is a client of Creative Art Solutions, which is a client of mine. By way of this food chain the task to create the banners fell onto my plate.

The project started out innocently enough: a set of banners of various dimensions. At some point the request for a set of 336x 280 expandable banners was sent along so that the ads could be featured on Forbes.com and the Wall Street Journal's site WSJ.com. These banners are open to 336 x 560 pixels when the page first loads, then they close up and reveal content behind. This doubles the ad space...at least temporarily.

At first the specs dictated static images for the two halves, and animated with JavaScript. That was fine but kinda clunky. Then they wanted animation. Sure! I say. So the halves were Flash animations. This was okay but not perfect. Then I proposed I do it all in Flash if the background was transparent. This was the most elegant option.

Sample Banners

Expandable 336 x 560 : Large Rectangle
Standard 468 x 60 : Standard Banner

Besides the large rectangle and standard banner sizes, the 160x600 skyscrapers are on the right. Hitachi also requested simple animated 120x60 buttons wih just the logo.

There were three simultaneous campaigns to highlight some of Hitachi's achievements. Small Wonder is the company's tiny Mµ-Chip, which is about the size of a grain of sand and thinner than rice paper. It's generally used for storing crucial data in tiny places. Global Vision promoted the company's diverse interests and futuristic concepts, and Inspiration Highway seemed to be a generally positive outlook on the future. We didn't really do much for for the latter, but banners for the former came out beautifully.

GIFs and JPEGs

As a backup for Flash banners, GIFs and JPEGs will always be in required. So I developed some simple animated GIFs based on the same designs, but they're pretty boring compared to the Flash banners so I'm not going to waste any more time discussing them. You can see them on the 468x60 page.

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HITACHI 160x600s

Flash Plug-In Missing or Disabled
A cool Flash movie would have appeared here.

Flash Plug-In Missing or Disabled
A cool Flash movie would have appeared here.

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