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Wellness Services & Organic Body Care Products

Hō'ano manufactures organic skin and body care products
and offers wellness and massage services.

The old site hadn't been updated in nearly a decade. You can imagine what it looked like! The Hō'ano brand needed development and an identity established. I had a vision of a clean, modern brand with an organic, vibrant essence. A simple, user-friendly website interface. Elegant photographic composition. The client was interested and we got to work right away.

See the Final Site Design for H?’ano

Active2007 - Present
LocationMokuleia, HI
WorkBrand Identity
Website Development
Printed Collateral

General Sequence of Events

At first I created a visual concept comp to demonstrate the idea. Then we developed the logo and the brand's character. A few site pages were mocked up to explore the feasibility of the layout. Then I wrote the code and filled out the site with the main pages. The client and I went through thousands upon thousands of photos to find the few we settled on. Writing the copy and updating the material from the old site was a very collaborative effort.

As with most sites, Hō'ano will always be a work in progress. But with the new launch sales have increased significantly and the outlook is very positive.

Printed Collateral

Once the website was launched we set about creating a brochure, product information cards, business cards and stationery for the newly branded business. A PowerPoint Presentation was also developed for events and demonstrations.

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