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Website Design for Learnsoft


Fresno County Course Interface Design


Powerpoint Presentation Template Design




Active2000 - 2001
LocationSan Diego, CA
WorkBrand Identity
Web Applications
Catalog Production
Web-Based Training
Print Design

New Logo and Brand Identity

For Learnsoft I have produced a wide variety of projects and performed many different functions. These Learnsoft projects are of consistently high production quality and creative excellence. We started with a new logo and built all subsequent projects from there. If you look at the bottom of this page at the San Diego County courseboook cover you can see the old Learnsoft logo, made of antiquated 3D lettering that the company wanted to be rid of.

Web Site Design

3D Cube Icon

Still one of my favorite web site designs after all these years. Much thanks to John Babich for his constant feedback that fine-tuned the interface. Unfortunately all I have is this early coded version (below) because Learnsoft has re-designed their website recently.

Learnsoft Website

Course Catalog Design

Catalogs chock full of class schedules were produced quarterly, and although I laid out the interior graphic design and managed print production, the cover illustrations are the most distinct legacy. There are 5 catalogs in the series I produced but three of them are exceptionally well done. It was while creating these that I had my greatest inspiration.

Catalog Cover Design Artwork, Original Illustrations

Web Applications

San Diego PALTREK Login Screen Interface Design

Web-based training modules developed for some of Learnsoft’s clients. Most of these clients are counties in California, like Fresno and San Diego, that needed to train large amounts of employees on common software applications.

Fresno County Training
San Diego County Training

Cover Design for San Diego County Software Coursebook Cover Design

Other Projects

San Diego County employees were among the largest group to take courses at Learnsoft, and they needed coursebooks. A cover template was designed and a gazillion copies were printed and bound to every coursebook. Look closely and you'll see some photographs of San Diego I took one sunny day. The Embarcadero is at the top and Balboa Park at the bottom.

We also developed a Powerpoint presentation to sell the Global Learning Manager software suite to Camp Pendleton. It's the last one down in the left column.

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Catalog Cover Design
Catalog Cover Design
Catalog Cover Design

Three in a series of catalog cover designs. Each one of these is in a somewhat different illustration style, although all three are a combination of vector-based drawing and airbrushed artwork. The middle one was also meticulously stippled.

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