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M7 Dispatcher Flash Video


GameSphere: Mobile Games Community Website


AT&T Wireless: Promo Advertisement for mMode Gameroom


Web Site Design and Flash Video Animation for M7's GameSphere Mobile Games Community Website


M7 Networks


Mobile Web Applications

M7 Networks is another one of those wonderful companies that squeezes me for all the creative juices I've got. It's a good feeling. Sure, sometimes we had to follow conservative corporate style guidelines (Sprint, for example), but most of the time we let the imagination and ingenuity run loose. M7 has assigned such diverse projects as the GameSphere website, a set of AT&T mMode Flash Ads, some posters and trade show booth signage, several Flash videos, and lots of stuff for Sprint's Game Lobby. Where should I start? How about in the beginning? I answered an advertisement they placed seeking a web developer, and pitched the idea of a contractor instead of a full-time employee. They bit.

Sprint's Game Lobby: Mobile Games Community Website


Sprint's Game Lobby

Most of what we did for Sprint was enhancing functionality by adding new features, and dressing up the interface. I created a new design that dramatically improved on the old one, and added graphics and animation. Beyond that I worked with M7's developers to code dynamic templates for different sections of the site. Mostly clean layout design, HTML, AJAX and PHP.

Sprint's Game Lobby


Active2004 - 2006
LocationLa Jolla, CA
WorkSprint Games Website
Trade Show Booths
AT&T Wireless Banners
Flash Videos & Demos
Large-Format Print
Mobile Application Design

M7 wanted their own sample mobile game site to pitch to other companies, so we set about developing a cool website with a snazzy interface and bitchin’ animation. We tossed around ideas for a name until I suggested GameSphere. It stuck.

GameSphere Mobile Games Website

AT&T Wireless

M7 primarily develops mobile web applications and helps port games to different handsets and networks. One of their projects was the AT&T Wireless' mMode Gameroom for the wireless web. To promote their application I designed some sleek Flash ads and a feature video. AT&T's wireless division has since been bought by Cingular.

AT&T Wireless Flash Ads
Featured Flash Ad (800 x 475)

M7 trade Show Booth Video, Flash Animation

Videos & Tutorials

Some described application features like Wake-Up SMS, and others described general M7 Networks products and services. As always, original artwork and design with emphasis on Flash animation and ActionScript programming.

M7 GameSphere
M7 Wake-Up SMS Hub Services
M7 Disptacher Video
M7 BREW Video

Large-Format Printing

We did a series of posters for their trade show booths at the CTIA and BREW conventions. You can see a few of them in the right column. The last one down is about 2 feet by 3 feet, but the one right above it is about 8 feet wide, and the one at the top is about 6 feet high.

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M7 Trade Show Booth Design for BREW, about 6 feet high
M7 Trade Show Booth Photo at BREW, about 6 feet high
M7 Trade Show Booth at CTIA 2005, about 8 feet wide

The diagram above was about 12 feet by 8 feet and wrapped onto a portable trade show exhibit booth.

M7 Poster for BREW, 2 feet by 3 feet

This last one is a 3’ x 5’ sign printed in photo-quality RGB colors on laser-exposed photographic paper and mounted against a foamcore board. The smooth effect was just beautiful. The poster is supposed to resemble a cell phone interface.

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