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MS Builders


Active2005 - 2006
LocationEscondido, CA
WorkWebsite Design

Construction and Renovation Websites

MS Builders is a construction company with a disaster recovery division. Since they are two separate functions, the company needed two separate websites.

Old MSB Website Design

When we started the main website I requested some schematic drawings sent along to foster the seed of inspiration that was hemorrhaging in my brain. Imagine a tan background softly overlaid with floor plans. Then imagine vivid photographs representing actual finished projects. The concept was to represent as much of the client's work as possible within the interface. This was quite a departure from the bland, rudimentary website the company originally had. Even the logo was given a lustrous new look that improved the overall aesthetic of the new site.

MSBuilders.com Main Website Development
MSB Disaster Recover Services Website

Project Status Page Design for MSB's Clients

Project Pages

Since the normal site layouts are rather restrictive on content space, versatile templates for project pages were also developed. These are templates for all sorts of different content that allow for endless expansion. MS Builders could use these to update their clients with the status of their construction projects by easily adding photos, documents and detailed descriptions. This might be especially helpful for those clients of their that are managing the project from a distance. Many of MSB's clients are major restaurant and retail chains that have multiple stores being constructed at once and the project managers may need to keep track of multiple developments at once.

Photo Trick!

The photograph below looks like a normal retail storefront in a mall, but it's actually two photos of the same store from different angles, cleverly assembled. See, I needed to fill a 700 x 300 space on the website but neither photo would fit into the spot properly. They were both too squarish! So I put two square photos together to make a rectangular one, and then did some subtle blending and voilĂ !

Photo-Composition of Sunglass Hut Retail Store

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MSBuilders Website Design
MSB Disaster Recovery Website Design


MS Builders Logo

Although I didn't design the MSB logo, I did give it a dramatic face-lift for the new websites. As usual I had to re-draw the logo to get the sharpest edges and cleanest rendering. Most clients don't know that I've re-created their logos, but I've done it hundreds of times when I get logo image files of subpar quality. It's always worth it because I can tell the difference.

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