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Active2009 - 2011
LocationChatsworth, CA
WorkeCommerce Website
Marketing Materials
Printed Advertisements

eCommerce Website

PrintRunner is one of the top online printing companies in the world. While PrintRunner earns a significant amount of work due to direct sales, their eCommerce website brings in the largest portion. Over the course of 2010 I redesigned and rebuilt the site amidst a regular load of marketing responsibilities.

Old PrintRunner Website

Visit PrintRunner.com

The Old Site...

The old site was hacked together with a rickety and inflexible table structure earlier in the decade. Rebuilding meant developing clean, high-performance XHTML, heavily optimized CSS, and sprites for website interface images. The process of improving the website continues ad infinitum but the launch itself was a major milestone for this thriving printing company.

Website Development Challenges

The site is built on a .NET framework and primarily consists of print product pages, a predominantly AJAX-based checkout system, and supporting content pages. During the course of this project I personally reviewed and updated every single public page on the site, including Javascript, back-end files and all images. Clearing out the old HTML was a tedious, time-consuming project requiring skills reminiscent of brain surgery. All existing .NET controls and file structure had to be carefully observed. However, during the process numerous old legacy pages, scripts and resources were removed.

Since PrintRunner typically ranks on page 1 of search results for key terms and phrases it was essential to maintain and improve search engine optimization. PrintRunner's stellar IT team, marketing department and SEO managers collaborated to ensure that the site was successfully rolled out in early December of 2010. Every day new features are integrated which enable PrintRunner to surpass the competition and provide high-quality printing services to its customers.

Email Blast Design

Email Newsletter Designs

Regularly distributed to tens of thousands of recipients, the company's email newsletters promoted new product coupons, discounts, specials and offers. These became weekly exercises in how to present new information in a siimple, elegant format that people would want to read and click through to the website.

eNewsletter Design

Email Newsletter Development

After designing the email newsletter each had to be hand-coded in basic HTML with inline styling. So, while building a state-of-the-art website I was simultaneously writing old-school HTML widely compatibile with most email clients. We also did rigorous testing to ensure that recipients were viewing the email newsletter as designed.

Email Marketing Design

As you can see the designs varied quite a bit but the custom template design ensured consistent branding.

Magazine Advertisement Design

PrintRunner has had ads in numerous graphic design and printing magazines like Photoshop User and Graphic Arts Monthly. When I came along the same boring design had been used for nearly a year and it was time for a fresh new concept. Several new designs and variations were introduced. Here’s an early design on the right, and a later design below. Graphic elements from concurrent web promotions were used in the magazine ads to give viewers a seamless connection between external marketing promotions and the website experience.

Magazine Advertisement Design for PrintRunner in Photoshop User

All Other Projects

Rounding out the work for PrintRunner includes about a hundred animated GIF and Flash banner ads, numerous landing pages, animated Flash videos for the home page, and a host of other design features. It’s been a busy year!

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Home Page Design

This is the new home page. Organization is must simpler, more modern and very user-friendly. But the real beauty of the site is the complete overhaul of the code and back-end mechanics, including a more robust database structure.


Product Page Design

It was important to keep the product pages flexible since content varies and new features might need to be added. Part of the process was making headers, links, buttons and other important components more consistent in appearance and behavior.


Email Newsletter Design

One of many email newsletter designs. Coming up up with fresh new designs each week was challenging but fun!


Magazine Ad Design for PrintRunner in Graphic Arts Monthly

One of several magazine ad designs rolled out for popular magazine. This design followed a similar promotion design for a month-long promotion of high-quality, 100% recycled, FSC-Certified paper for selected print products.

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