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Flash Banner Ads

Chances are that if you've been cruising around the web for some time, you've probably seen a RealAge banner. Before I started working with them I'd seen several. I might have even clicked on one to find out what it was.

Once again Aquent paired me up when RealAge asked them for a good Flash designer. Someone with experience creating web banner ads and so forth. Perhaps someone who had created, say, over 350 banners for another of Aquent's client, Proflowers. Needless to say, someone's fingers snapped and my name popped up. Soon I was churning out Flash banner ads like a machine. More than 30 different banners were created and a few good samples are presented here on this page.

Banner Set 1 : 728 x 90s
Banner Set 2 : 500 x 350s
Banner Set 3 : 500 x 350s

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FLASH BANNERS : 300 x 250

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