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Strata Marketing


Active2001 - 2002
LocationSan Diego, CA
WorkLogo Design
Website Development
Printed Materials

Logo Design

Strata Marketing was a new division of Directions in Research meant to leverage the company's existing research data and focus on innovative marketing strategies. They had received some of my mailings and contracted me to create a new logo and website.

After a few preliminary designs I hit upon this diamond-shaped logo in blue and grey and they loved it. So that was that and on we moved to the rest of the project.

Strata Marketing Logo

Website and Stationery

For the website I designed a sleek blue interface and this distinct illustration of the sun rising over the earth's atmosphere. Some other artwork and icons was also created for the site. You can see the stationery set below too.

Website and Stationery Design for Strata Marketing

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Strata Website Design

This is the final version of the website I designed for Strata Marketing when it was re-christened Strata Research.

Update: Sometime in the last few years they have redesigned their website and it looks much different. But the logo is the same.

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