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Brochures for Driver's Alert


Brand Index

Superlative Companies

Use the directory below to navigate through the brands I have had the honor of working with. Some are clients and some are clients' clients. The project pages you are viewing are NOT client proofing pages, which are kept private. Each brand home page lists the projects developed for each of these distinguished companies.

Let's Build Your Brand

The pages below list sample projects that either best represents the brand, or were able to fit in the space available on the page. When possible, external links have been provided to websites and other web-based projects.

All Brands

AllianceTag : New Logo, Brochures, Website
American Medical Response : Video Presentation
Anderson Direct : Brochure, Vehicle Decal, Postcards, Advertisement Design
Applied Materials : Information Guides, Flash Animation, Metallic Poster
Aquent Partners : Agency for Proflowers, Gateway and RealAge Projects
AT&T Wireless : Animated Flash Banners, Video
BrandAce / DocSoma : Websites
BuyingShow Solutions : Website, Brochure, Application Interface, Stationery
Cassle Communications : Agency for Laguna Point, SearchGear and Artesia
Creative Art Solutions : Website, Agency for Hitachi Projects
Disney Parks & Resorts : Web Application Development
Driver's Alert : Brand Design, Website, Brochures, Powerpoint, Flash Video
Emotitones : Brand Design, Website, Mobile Website
Epic Cycle Interactive : Agency for Eagles, NACS and Nokia Projects
Feng Shui Footprints : Website, Flash Animation
Final Touch Graphics : Website
Gateway : Website Development
Hō'ano : Brand Identity, Web Development and Print Design
Hitachi : Flash Banner Ads
HOVR : Website Templates
I Drive Safely : Website, Streaming Video, Folder, Flyers, Business Cards
Intergenix : Animated Banner Ads
JetSetPoker : Flash Tutorials, Animated Banner Ads
Learnsoft : Brand Design, Websites, Catalog Design, Tutorials, Stationery
M7 Networks : Booth Design, Flash Tutorials, Agency for Sprint, AT&T Wireless
MS Builders : Twin Websites
Nokia N-Gage : Website, Flash Animation
PrintRunner : eCommerce Website
Proflowers : Banner Ads
RealAge : Flash Banner Ads
Sprint : Website, Application Design, Flash Animation
Strata Marketing : Logo Design, Website, Artwork
TG Publishing : Brand Design, Websites, Banner Ads, Booth Signage

This is not intended to be a complete list of all companies I've worked for or all projects ever produced. I mean, how boring would it be if I put every single business card I've designed or every single bit of artwork I've ever created. Yeah, totally boring! So, I've mostly included some of my best stuff in which my artistic skills are well-represented.


High-Tech Animated Flash Banner for AT&T

A set of stylish Flash banner ads and an interactive video to promote and highlight features of the AT&T Wireless mobile game community site called mMode Gameroom. Video features music and animation.

AT&T Gameroom Promo | All AT&T Projects


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Add animation to your website, presentation or video project. Subtle effects enhance appeal, whereas animated people, characters, animals, text and objects add depth and dimension to an otherwise static visual presentation. Animation is especially popular in web banner ads to garner attention on a page with stiff competition from content, images and other advertisements. At Kanoa.net you will see many unique examples of animation scattered around the site. Enjoy!

Mobile Game Character Design


Web Banner Ad for Tom's 10th Anniversary

Of the myriad projects that have come down the TG Publishing pipeline, the Tom's Tenth Anniversary Celebration stands out as one particularly enjoyable project. A unique collection of banners was developed to support weekly competitions in which high-tech prizes like laptops, computer cases and hardware were awarded.

336x280 Banners
160x600 Banners
Booth Signage
Computex Microsite
TGP Media Kit
All TGP Projects

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