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Photograph: Colorful Fishing Boat in the Harbor at Isla Mujeres


Brochures for Driver's Alert


Driver's Alert: Driver Safety Company, Online Training, Vehicle Monitoring



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This section is intended to catch all the remaining pages that don't fit elsewhere. We can discuss your project and eat some sushi if you like. You can also check out the Brand Index, which is loaded with all the projects I have ever developed for my clients and their clients. If you're an agent and want to add a stellar talent to your ensemble, read on below.

Brand Index : A list of all brands and companies I've worked for
About Kanoa : The guy who created all this junk
Contact Info : How to get ahold of the guy who created this junk
Site Map : A map of the site. Duh!

Get a Price Quote

All projects are unique. Everything varies: specs, features, schedules, depth and complexity. Thus, all projects must be assessed and quoted individually. Call 619.977.5950 or email me for a quote. Ask for Kanoa. Please provide as much information related to the project as possible.

I've been hired by freelance agents, talent agencies and many marketing firms to develop projects for their clients. We do a great job, everybody's happy and we all get paid. I will consider most types of business arrangements and methods of compensation. If you a valuable product or service, let's barter. If you need advice for planning, managing or executing your project, let's talk. Got a technical question? I might have an effective answer.

Brand Index

Organized alphabetically, the Brand Index lists most of the brand names and companies I have developed work for. Some are clients and the rest are clients' clients. This is a good place to see the diverse projects produced for each company.

Brand Index

What Clients Are Saying

I love working with you. Whether it is your humble attitude, your attention to detail, or your quick response, you produce quality, professional work every single time at a reasonable price. We are demanding but you never stop until we are 100% satisfied.

We are proud of our website, our top-tier brochures, and our colorful marketing material. I introduced myself to a client just this week and he said “wow” when he saw our new business cards. Your technical skill and creative implementation are second to none and I can truly say that your work stands alone in a class by itself.

Finally, we look forward to growing our business with you. Without any hesitation, if anyone is looking to get a strategic advantage in the marketplace they should memorize my new favorite phrase and just “Send it to Kanoa!”

- Paul Milazzo, CEO, Driver's Alert

About Kanoa

Who or what is Kanoa? Multimedia Artist? Slobbering Maniac? Turkey Sandwich? More than you really wanted to know about the guy who did all this stuff.

Who is Kanoa?

Contact Information

An exciting page for all you numerically inclined folks. Also useful contact information for reporting UFO/Elvis sightings and getting ahold of Kanoa.

Contact Info

Site Map

What web site would be complete without a site map? Not a rhetorical question: I'd really like to know. Anyway, a place for all ye lost souls to find whatever ye seek.

Site Map


Photograph: Aerial View of Na Pali Coast, Kauai

Daily Venture is a free photo resource. All of the images are available free for personal or commercial usage. Many photos are formatted as wallpapers. The site covers a wide variety of locations and subjects and contains almost all of my travel photography. Daily Venture is a work in progress and it will continue to be updated as new adventures arise. For more stunning images like the one above, click on one of the links below. Go on, I dare ya!

Photography Page | DailyVenture.com Website


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JetSetPoker was an online poker gaming community before federal regulations crippled the industry. During our profitable collaboration over 70 banners and a series of tutorials were produced. Main emphasis was on how to use JSP's poker application, how to play Pai Gow and general familiarity with JSP's features.

PaiGow Tutorial | JSP Tour | All JetSetPoker Projects


BuyingShow Solutions Tri-Fold Brochure Cover Design


Created following the development of the BSS website, this vivid tri-fold brochure measures 25¼" wide and 8½" and fits into a large custom-printed envelope. The colors were specially matched to the website interface, with the green as a special fluorescent PMS spot color. The same colors and graphic design elements were also used on their business cards and stationery.

BSS Brochure | BSS Website | All BSS Projects


Banner Ad for Merchant Hound eCommerce Website

Merchant Hound was a price comparison website. A series of static banner ads were created in standard sizes to promote the new site across TG Publishing's network of websites. Without much to work with I designed a series of ads using photographs of popular consumer electronics and the spicy double entendre "You Know You Want It" with a simple call-to-action button.

Merchant Hound.com | All TG Publishing Projects

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