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Original Sketch for Full-Color Macaw


Pencil Sketch of a Man, Final Image Rendered with Acrylics on Acetate for Overlay onto Background


About Kanoa

Vertical Mountainscape Stippled with Pen and Ink

Who/What is Kanoa?

Hi there! My name is Kanoa.

I'm the guy who developed the stuff on this site.

Foremost I am an artist. All other skills are based upon this. It is a pleasure to provide my clients with a unique blend of services. Credit and thanks is due to many awesome professionals who I've worked with throughout the years.

This page was originally written back in 2004. While Kanoa.net is my professional portfolio site, KanoaHelms.com is where my personal work is collected.

Check out the timeline of work on this site!

The 411

Born and raised on Oahu, Hawaii. I've been drawing for 25 years, starting where all artists do: scrawling on surfaces. It was always my intention to channel my talents into a profession. In 1996 I started doing professional freelance work, the same year the eye illustration was created using Adobe Illustrator. One of the earliest projects on this site is a catalog cover for Nourse Farms in 1997. As an entrepreneur I seek projects, partnerships and alliances where my prolific imagination and vital skills may be gainfully applied. Besides the variety of work demonstrated on this site I also have lots of marketing ideas, new products and viable engineering concepts, and story ideas for novels and short fiction. Most of all it is important to me that these ideas are practical and feasible. We’ve got to be realistic, right?

General Interests

Reading history, scientific material, fiction, news and philosophy are faves. Also enjoy watching movies, debating politics, eating apricots. Dislike TV, religion, liver, cigarettes and communism. Enjoy hurricanes and stormy weather as much as sunshine. Love to eat, sleep, hike, bike, swim, surf, dive and drive curvy mountain roads on my motorcycle. Try to keep my workouts regular, eat healthy, think alot, laugh often, sip a glass of wine, enjoy life.

Will travel anywhere! I've sailed from Kaua’i to British Columbia, traveled all over the United States, Mexico and Europe. Favorite places (so far): St. John, Most of the Pacific Northwest, Sedona, Kalalau Valley, New York City, Isla Mujeres, Corfu, Paris, London and San Diego! I have a particular fondness for Hawaii that only increases as I travel more. No place quite like home, eh?

Back in 2006 I launched Daily Venture to keep track of my photography and travels. It's all free stock images and many are formatted as desktop wallpapers. Enjoy!

One of these days I'll start posting my creative writing here... in the meantime you can check out my dreams and nightmares!


Photo of Kanoa

Yep, that's what a Kanoa looks like. Of course, not all Kanoas look like this. In fact, I met a female Kanoa when I was in grade school. Our family doctor's son was also a Kanoa and he looked quite different from this guy. So if you see a guy walking down the street who looks like this, it's probably not a Kanoa. It's more likely to be a Fred or a Jasper.


I don't do alot of pencil sketches these days because just
about everything is developed on the computer, but it helps
to sketch things out beforehand, even if in a crude way.
The rest of this site has polished finished products
so I'm devoting an iota of space to the unseen
preliminary sketches.

In this
case the client,
a record company, wanted a cover
design for a compilation CD they were
producing. The CEO had an appreciation
for eagles, evident with the numerous
statues and images of eagles in the company offices, so I developed some sketches and early renderings. This is one for a CD of inspirational music. I've cropped it from its background so you can read this text easily. Check out what it became. This drawing was also a predecessor to the scarlet macaw.


Photo of Kanoa

Okay, so this is a tad more recent. Geez, don't I look fat? Anyway, I would like to thank you for visiting my website and hopefully you were not too bored by all the endless text. It's all for the search engines and directories, see? They love those yummy juicy keywords and phrases. Personally I’d rather have my work speak for itself but images don’t say much.

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