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Web Banner Ad for Tom's 10th Anniversary


Advertisement Design

Target Market Segmentation

Advertisement Graphic Design

As advertising becomes more of a profound personal assault on prospective clients, companies and their agencies use sophisticated techniques to target their market segment. In the forefront of modern print advertising is variable data printing. Combining real-time digital printing, database content and flexible graphic design, this process dynamically matches products and services to the end recipient.

Modern Print and Web Advertising

Magazine Advertisement for HOVR, featured in XG VAS Magazine, New Delhi, India


The few printed advertisements featured in this section are for a variable data marketing project for Anderson Direct. Other examples of ads I have developed do exist, but they have been lost to the sands and winds of time...

Even though I would love to do more high-quality printed advertisements for magazines, most clients seems to prefer web banners ads over traditional forms, which are actually alot more fun because they often include cool animation!

Specific Examples

Advertisement Graphic Design

The examples here were designed for Anderson Direct for a client of theirs, a local golf club. Using member's data, the Eagle Trace Country Club distributed these flyers to promote items that might be of interest to the recipient, often at a discount. The results are significantly greater response percentages, and higher return on investment when sending out mass mailings.

There's a good chance that you've received some form of variable data marketing in the mail at least once. Something addressed to you from a vendor you visited prior. Not ringing a bell? Think online stores and email. Now you remember, eh? You bought something at Amazon and a little while later they sent you an email that said "Since you bought this, we thought you'd also like these..." Same concept. In the online world it's much easier because every transaction usually has an email address attached to it and all content and material is digital so it's rather seamless to put together.


Variable Data Advertisement Design


This form of targeted advertising is often deployed by companies using a recipient's accurate and verifiable purchasing history. An example is a supermarket chain that accumulates data from its customers that use a club card at checkout. By identifying trends that indicate a person's purchase preferences, this company may encourage the customer to purchase preferred or related items more frequently by offering discounts in the form of printed coupons sent out in bulk mailpieces.

Advertisement Design | Anderson Direct Projects


Flash Plug-In Missing or Disabled
A cool Flash movie would have appeared here.

At the time, Hitachi was promoting three different campaigns: Small Wonder, Global Vision and Inspiration Highway. They had some artwork for each of these programs that didn't translate into eye-catching Flash banner ads. For one, if a photo is placed into Flash, it hogs most of the space allocated for the ad. To animate it properly I had to cut up the images, optimize them individually and re-create them in Flash with some stunning animation and special effects.

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