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Brochure Design

Awesome Brochures

Accelerate your business with a sharp new brochure. Drive sales to your doorstep by touting the latest and greatest your company has to offer. What makes your business so unique? Why should clients pick your product? Tell them crisply and intelligently, why they should be deep-fried in burger grease if they don't buy your new widget.

Illustration of Brochure Layouts: Single Fold, Tri-Fold, Accordion Fold, Gate Fold

Brochure Layouts

Brochure layouts are usually defined by the fold : single-fold, tri-fold, accordion fold, and gate-fold brochures. But don't let these layouts stifle your imagination; a brochure can be constructed in an infinite number of intriguing ways.

Unique Design

Looking for a brochure that’s a bit different? Let's discuss other options for your brochure or flyer project: a specially folded format or pop-up, cool printing tricks like metallic or fluorescent spot colors, die-cutting or embossing, etc.

Brochure Projects

These are some of the major brochure projects I've created. Although I've developed alot of brochures, these are some of the best.

New AllianceTag Logo Design


BuyingShow Solutions : Brochure Design
I Drive Safely.com : Brochure Design
Driver's Alert : Brochures
Kanoa’s Brochure
AllianceTag : Brochure
VeriScript Analysis : Brochure Design for Handwriting Analyst
Anderson Direct : Brochure Design
Mobile Rescue : Brochure Design for Mobile App

A new brochure design is inevitable, but will you initiate it, or you gonna wait until that sneaky weasel down the hall gets commended by the boss for thinking of it? Chances are that if you're reading this you may already be thinking of developing a snazzy new brochure. So what are you waiting for? Okay okay, maybe you're just looking for the right graphic designer to whip up a sweet brochure design, right? Well, you're here. Pick up that phone and call Kanoa: 619.977.5950. Or email to request a quote and we'll get started on it. It's that easy!

Drops of Water Artwork

The All-Purpose Power Tool

Distribute them at trade shows. Exchange with the business traveler you met on the plane. Give one to that guy who bags your groceries. Dole out a few at the sales presentation. A brochure is an informative, visual concept that explains your business. It's a symbol of clout. It says all the things you need to say when you begin to stutter during a meeting. Get yours today. Already got one? Get a new one.

Everything In Between

You can get any or all portions you want: the concept, graphic design, photographic composition, interior illustrations and even the print production management and fulfillment to get the final piece done right. It's up to you.

Print Services

Your brochure project is expedited by a print media developer with ten years of solid industry experience designing for print and operating printers, presses and finishing machinery. Properly preparing projects for printing requires extensive knowledge of graphic design for digital, offset and variable data printing, producing film if necessary, and solid experience managing the print production processes. If you want it done right, go with a pro! Kanoa handles communications with the printing company to ensure that the printing and finishing process runs smoothly and you get your brochure design completed and delivered to you in a timely manner.


AllianceTag Quad-Fold Brochure Design: Side 1
lianceTag Quad-Fold Brochure Design: Side 2

Created to facilitate orders for AllianceTag asset tags, this quad-fold brochure mails with a style guide and barcoding brochure insert.

AllianceTag Brochure | All AllianceTag Projects


BuyingShow Solutions Tri-Fold Brochure Cover Design


Created following the development of the BSS website, this vivid tri-fold brochure measures 25¼" wide and 8½" and fits into a large custom-printed envelope. The colors were specially matched to the website interface, with the green as a special fluorescent PMS spot color. The same colors and graphic design elements were also used on their business cards and stationery.

BSS Brochure | BSS Website | All BSS Projects


Kanoa's Brochure Design


Would you expect anything less than a spectacular design from Kanoa's very own promotional brochure design? Well, it was pretty spectacular, baby! And I still have a few left to ogle in my spare time. Printed in 2001 at Anderson Direct's printing facilities, this brochure used standard 4-color CMYK printing with the addition of a lovely silver metallic spot color which is part of my brand color scheme (green and silver) on printed collateral. A specially printed envelope was also created using those same two colors.

Kanoa's Brochure

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