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Business Card for Hō'ano Botanicals


First Card, Front

Front side of the first card

Second Card, Front

Front side of the second card

Both Cards, Back

Back side of both cards


After 10 years of developing high-quality organic skincare products on the North Shore of O’ahu, Hō’ano Botanicals needed a new brand identity. What better way to start than by developing business cards that addressed the need for a new logo design and overall look n’ feel? Although these could be considered a work in progress over time, here are two cards developed for generic business use as well as for the principal, Jennifer Telford.

The back side of both cards is essentially the same, with some minor differences.

Jen and I at Art After Dark

Here I am shmoozing it up with the client at the Honolulu Academy of Art’s monthly event called Art After Dark.

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