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HOVR Magazine Advertisement


XG Magazine, New Delhi, India

Magazine Advertisement for HOVR, featured in XG VAS Magazine, New Delhi, India
Stock Photography Image of Man Holding Cell Phone, for Magazine Ad


Up until this project all the work developed for HOVR included web design and development and some miscellaneous support projects like PowerPoint Presentations, mobile application deigns and so forth. No print design.

When Vipul tentatively approached me about developing a magazine ad for HOVR and asked if I designed print stuff, I was a tad surprised. I suppose that with the sheer volume of web application design and development I do perhaps it's not obvious that printed materials also go through the production queue. In fact, I've been designing professional print work as far back as 1996.


I was pretty stoked that HOVR wanted me to do a magazine advertisement design. I even gave them a special deal: half price! Sure, they're a great client, but anything that deviates from the ordinary grind piques my interest and may get high priority (hint hint). Vipul gave me the mechanical specifications doc in PDF format and I was a happy clam. I like getting specs ’coz it means I can get it precisely right. India is on the Metric system and the doc covered exactly how to prep the files for print.

So I got to work and utilized graphics I had designed for their web applications, but color correcting them for vivid printing. After an hour or so researching photos on Fotolia I found this Indian fellow taking a picture of himself with his cell phone and he seemed to match HOVR's target demographic and fit into the design nicely. Since he was against a white background one of the more time-consuming tasks was removing it and blending him in with the darker background of the magazine advertisement's design.

The design files were submitted to XG and they reported that the files looked fine and were ready for print! Got a print job you need done right the first time? Call Kanoa!

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