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Kanoa's Brochure

4 Colors + Silver

Kanoa's Printed Brochure Design
Kanoa's Printed Brochure Design


This is my brochure from way back in 2001. It's a large tri-fold brochure that measures 24" wide when unfolded and 8" high. I used four-color process and a special silver accent spot color. Not only were several sleek parallel stripes printed with this smooth silver but a series of detailed technical illustrations too. The brochure fit into a custom-printed square envelope printed with my signature color scheme of forest green and silver.

The final product doesn't translate well onto a computer monitor. It's one of those effects that you have to see in person. One of the reasons why I love printing is the range of cool visual effects one can achieve with the proper know-how. Printed materials can also attain such sharpness of detail unmatched by current monitors.

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