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IDS Trade Show Booth Design



Wrapping & Mapping

Graphic design for complex three-dimensional
objects requires both excellent spacial
imagination skills and a very thorough
understanding of both the printing and
finishing processes. To develop
artwork for packaging in the shape of
a rectangular prism requires a complex
understanding of how the flat printed
artwork is die cut and folded into its final
shape. To map a sophisticated graphic design
onto the body of a curvy sports car demands this
same knowledge so the skilled technicians who wrap the
printed decal onto the vehicle surface don't encounter problems halfway through the job. Though quite different, both are subsets of packaging: clothing the object.

Packaging Design

The Source!

Often in the design industry, an agency will hire several specialists for a single task: a visual intelligence to create the design and a technical intelligence to “fix” it for production. While specialization can streamline certain processes, it can be wasteful in terms of time and money, especially if one person is merely fixing another's work. Many excellent designers have no technical knowledge or practical experience and their clients don't find out until too late that the project has to be repaired by the printing service or production company. I know this because I was the guy who had to fix other designer's work for the press. I am the creative source and a technical expert.

Let's Get Started

It may be easier than you think to find someone with well-developed skills in both critical capacities of creation and production. Perhaps only a phone call away...or you can click here to send a message.

WOW. How blatant was that? Yeah, you should call me just because I'm very good and my prices are also good, but that doesn't mean I should drop such obvious hints. Okay, if you're in this section you're either browsing out of curiosity or you're actually looking for a packaging designer. I'm aware that this section is rather slim in examples but I can assure you that I'm very knowledgeable about the mechanics of three-dimensional composition. Besides extensive experience with 3D drawing, ACAD and even working with origami and polyhedrons, the balance of my related experience is with special print finishing procedures like die-cutting, scoring and folding. So, I've got all the familiarity but not alot of requests for packaging. websites, brochures or web banner ads.

Disc Packaging Design

I constructed and shaped this comp in Photoshop rather quickly with a vector-based disc packaging template that PrintRunner uses in production. The other elements are a couple of stock photos and some quick lettering. No more than a few hours of work here.


Vehicle Decal Artwork for Porsche

Vehicle decal design for Ted Tietge, CEO of Anderson Direct and also a professional racing driver. The effect was to make it look like the Porsche had run into the company's logo and splattered it all over. A series of airbrushed concept illustrations were also produced to demonstrate the artwork to the client.

Porsche Decal | Brochure | All Anderson Direct Projects


IDS Folder and Printed Materials in a Packet

Standard two-pocket folder with business card slits, created to hold course flyers and brochures for online driver safety training as well as business information. All original artwork and design based on the new I Drive Safely logo. I developed the brochure and trade show booth at the same time and both items share common design elements.

IDS Packet | IDS Booth | All I Drive Safely Projects


Videocassette Packaging Design for pro wrestler Rey Mysterio


Videocassette packaging design for Rey Mysterio, a professional wrestler. The client arrived with the idea roughed out on paper and the photographs as Targa files on disk, greatly reducing their turnaround time. I suggested the metallic gold border as a fifth color, and produced the document mechanical and film. I still have a few finished samples available.

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