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Large-Format Poster for Trade Show Booth, CES Taipei Taiwan 2006


Sign & Poster Design

Achieving Optimal Quality

The key to producing excellent quality large-format printing is high-quality, high-resolution artwork. Although the traditional method of producing large-format prints is a CMYK roll-fed printer, an increasing number of these jobs are bypassing CMYK in favor of RGB printing. It’s a relatively new technology where huge sheets of photographic paper are exposed with a laser, resulting in a sharp, life-like image. See, traditional CMYK printing uses dithered dots to create the image. Look closely at most printed materials and you see the dot pattern. This is particularly evident on large prints like posters, signs and billboards. But we see them from a distance and maybe it doesn’t matter,eh? Well, with CMYK printing an inevitable loss of color integrity results in poor quality reproductions. Printing with RGB solves this and the image is continuous and not composed of those annoying dot patterns.

Large-Format Print: Billboards, Posters, Vehicle Decals and Signage

It's a Sign!

Some examples of large-format prints are presented below.

M7 Networks : Trade Show Signage Design
TG Publishing : Trade Show Booth Posters for Computex 2006
Driver's Alert : Convention Poster

M7 Networks Trade Show Booth Signage


Big n' Bold

This section goes hand-in-hand with the Trade Show Booth section. Often enough posters are used as signage at the client's booth. There may be a single large graphic mapped to the booth frame but clients love the versatility of having smaller, portable posters that convey key ideas, that they can place in a location where the convention traffic will see it.


Trade Show Booth Design for M7 Networks


M7 Networks, now part of Motricity, needed a set of matching posters to go side-by-side in their BREW trade show booth. When printed, the panels each measured 7 feet high and about 3 feet across. A matching video presentation was also developed to describe M7's key services to attendees of the trade show. As is desired of a trade show booth design, the overall effect was eye-catching and the client reported great success and excellent leads from the event.

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Large-Format Poster for Trade Show Booth, CES Taipei Taiwan 2006

A series of posters were developed for TG Publishing's trade show booth in Computex 2006 in Taipei, Taiwan. I gave them a bold, high-tech look with Matrix-style Chinese characters in the background. Most of the content was business graphics and the whole effect was very clean and crisp, and designed to appeal to the tech-oriented visitors at Computex. They were mounted within preset frames as part of the booth design.

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