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Seasonal Stationery Paper Designs, Original Artwork


Back in 1999 I was commissioned to develop some seasonal stationery paper designs for a printing company to be displayed in their office supply and stationery store. These were among the designs that were chosen. Each is printed differently too.

The flag artwork uses three metallic spot colors plus black. The overall effect is a very smooth, pleasing metallic shine for patriotic holidays like July 4th.

On the right are two Christmas themes. The gifts were drawn with pen & ink and scanned, then colored. The original pen & ink scans were used for a gold metallic overlay to give them images a nice pop! Unfortunately the effect doesn't hold up here on screen. It looks much better in print. The ribbon and bow design below it also used gold and silver overlays.

On the bottom left of this collage are a rosy border paper design and an autumn theme.

Rose Stationery Paper Design, Original Artwork
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