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Advertisement Design


Variable Data Advertisement Design
Variable Data Advertisement Design
Variable Data Advertisement Design


The examples here were designed for Anderson Direct for a client of theirs, a local golf club. Using member's data, the Eagle Trace Country Club distributed these flyers to promote items that might be of interest to the recipient, often at discount. The results are significantly greater response percentages, and higher return on investment when sending out mass mailings. There's a good chance that you've received some form of variable data marketing in the mail at least once. Something addressed to you from a vendor you visited prior. Not ringing a bell? Think online stores and email. Now you remember, eh? You bought something at Amazon and a little while later they sent you an email that said "Since you bought this, we thought you'd also like these..." Same concept. In the online world it's much easier because every transaction usually has an email address attached to it and all content and material is digital so it's rather seamless to put together.

Just for extra clarification, and to fill up some of this unsightly blank space next to these huge ads, the product information, price and images within the ads are pulled from a database and placed within the template, so that every single ad ever printed is different and tailored for the recipient.

In these particular designs the target demographic also varies. In the top advertisement the audience is 45 years of age and older, whereas the middle ad is geared towards ages 25 - 45 and the bottom ad is for a younger golfer below age 25.

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