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Vehicle Decal Design

Spacial Mapping

A friend once said that mapping a flat
graphic to the body of a Porsche was
like wrapping a piece of paper around a
basketball. This statement was made soon
after he finished wrapping the vehicle decal
project that has justified this section. This friend is
Justin Wallace, who runs a vehicle decal printing company
that applies large stickers to fleet vehicles for major companies like Time Warner, radio stations like 101KGB and Rock 105.3, and a host of Porsche racing vehicles. But this job was one of the more challenging he'd worked on, given the number of pieces in the artwork. Click here to see the final product.

Porsche Racing Decal

Ted Tietge, CEO of Anderson Direct, came up with this great idea: Splatter the company logo across the front of his car like he had run into it. Ted raced his Porsche 911, ran a thriving industrial corporation, wined and dined his special woman, and probably fought crime in his spare time. After an arduous search, he snapped his fingers and I appeared in front of him to do this deed. Needless to say I was ecstatic. I mean, the Porsche is a sexy beast and I got to draw all over it!

Vehicle Decal Design


Needless to say, with my graphic design skills and a competent professional like Justin Wallace of Final Touch Graphics printing the decal and wrapping the vehicle, the production segment went very smoothly. As soon as it was complete, Ted was off to the tracks to race.


Vehicle Decal Artwork for Porsche

A series of airbrushed concept illustrations produced to demonstrate the artwork to the client.

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