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Web Banner Ad for Tom's 10th Anniversary


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Banner Ad Design

Online Advertising

Banner ads of every conceivable size, placed in every vacant spot on the web, constantly promote goods and services. It's not enough to just have an incentive for clicking a web banner ad, so newer ads are alive with action and features! Expandable banners slide over other content to maximize the available view space. Dynamic web ad banners load additional content within their compressed space to allow the user to browse products and services or gather information before clicking on the banner and leaving the page. If you're looking to develop attractive web banner ads using the latest technology, you're in the right place.

Over 650 Banners!

With over 650 web banners created so far, it'd be difficult and rather boring to provide a complete list of every single banner I've developed. So instead the banner ads below are a good sampling of the variety and ingenuity invested in each and every advertisement.

Tom's 10th Anniversary: Over 180 Banners for Weekly Competitions
Hitachi Banners: High-Tech Flash Banners
RealAge Banners: Over 30 Flash Banners
Proflowers Banners: Over 350 Flash, GIF and JPEG Banners
JetSetPoker Banners: Over 70 Flash Banners
AT&T Banners: Animated Flash Banners
Intergenix Banners: Animated GIFs
Applied Materials Banners: Flash Banners

Banner Advertisement Placements

Flash Banners

Flash banners can be slim on file size and heavy on performance. They can also call up external resources like images and content, access databases and XML files and include extensive functionality without significantly increasing file size. One Proflowers.com banner plays its introductory animation, then allows the viewer to access a submenu of products to review before ordering - right from the banner! The banner in essence becomes a mini-web site capable of commercial activity. This same banner expands over other text on the page to display its product showcase, nearly tripling its advertising space.

Standard GIFs and JPEGs

The safest route is always the basic standard, and in this case, GIFs and JPGs are desired as both the main featured advertisement as well as backup for web banners of newer technology like Flash or DHTML. GIFs can be animated and JPGs display photographs exceptionally well, but newer Flash banners can do both within the same file size restraints.

Banner Usage

The banners in this section have been regularly featured on major websites and search engines. They've been exposed to millions of viewers per month on a regular basis, promoting major products, selling concepts, drawing participants into campaigns and generally earning advertisers excellent ROI.

Original advertising ideas and brilliant execution. Kanoa: Excellence in Action.


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At the time, Hitachi was promoting three different campaigns: Small Wonder, Global Vision and Inspiration Highway. The Small Wonder is the company's tiny Mµ-Chip, which is about the size of a grain of sand and thinner than rice paper. It's generally used for storing crucial data in tiny places. Global Vision promoted the company's diverse interests and futuristic concepts. A microsite for the campaigns had already been created and the company needed a series of banners to nest around on financial websites to encourage interest in Hitachi's initiative, perhaps to increase the value of stock and generate business-level interest and investment in the aforementioned projects.

All Hitachi Banners


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Over 350 web banners were created for Proflowers during the span of five years. From static banners to Flash banners with sophisticated animation and special effects. All different sizes and some expandable banners too. Some utilizing beautiful photography and others requiring new artwork to be created, all banners were created as unique works of art that effectively delivered an important message.

All Proflowers Projects


Over 150 Banner Ads for Tom's 10th Anniversary

Of the myriad projects that have come down the TG Publishing pipeline, the Tom's Tenth Anniversary Celebration stands out as one particularly enjoyable project. A unique collection of over 150 banners was developed to support weekly competitions in which contestants were awarded many high-tech prizes like laptops, hardware, a trip to Taipei and even a $10,000 computer!

336x280 Banners | 160x600 Banners | All TGP Projects

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