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Creative Direction

What is this page for?

I know I know: it does seem rather redundant. Just about every page on this site has a purpose. But this page...?

Some visitors probably get here and they’re not sure what to make of all this. Is this a company? Why is it written in first-person point of view? Ok, it’s some guy. What is his role in all the projects littered about?

Ho'ano Botanicals : Natural Organic Body Care Products


The Secret! Shhhhhh.....

Actually, the main criteria for everything on this site is that I was usually the creative direction behind it. Sure, sometimes I had to follow brand guidelines. On some occasions key people had brilliant ideas that greatly influenced the look n’ feel of the final product. I certainly won’t claim I had absolute creative control over every project. But generally, I created and built the projects you see around here.

Lots of things I have built never made it up here on Kanoa.net simply because someone else designed it.

So this page is kind of a unifying explanation for the chaos and mayhem elsewhere in this domain. And you’re reading about it right now!

Ah, but now the page is done. At least now you can make sense of this site, eh?


High-Tech Animated Flash Banner for AT&T

A set of stylish Flash banner ads and an interactive video to promote and highlight features of the AT&T Wireless mobile game community site called mMode Gameroom. Video features music and animation.

AT&T Gameroom Promo | All AT&T Projects


Feng Shui Footprint Flash Website, Design, Animation

This scenic website is devoted to specialized Feng Shui services. Built with Flash and XML, the web site contains lots of vivid photography and a series of exquisite animated sequences. Feng Shui philosophy guided the layout of the site. Even the site navigation is designed using the five main elements: Water, Earth, Wood, Fire and Metal. Check it out!

Feng Shui Footprints Website | All Feng Shui Projects

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