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Web Site Design

Professional web sites designed for your needs, built from the foundation up. From how it looks to how it performs, you always have a range of choices. Add extra features, effects and excitement to your site, or simply freshen up the interface. Select the web design option to fit your needs.

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Website Development

Complete website development at its finest. Custom designed and hand-coded with care, each website is optimized for quick loading and high performance. The result is a sharp, vibrant and intuitive website design built on a robust foundation. For your next website project, choose a web developer with a firm grasp on the complexities and strategic significance of a modern website.


Clean code is an essential requirement of any web design. All websites are hand-coded with a combination of XHTML, CSS, DHTML, PHP and MySQL, XML, Perl, ASP, JavaScript and ActionScript for Flash websites.

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Coding Practices

Banner Advertising

Web banner ads will always be a great way to promote websites, products or services. Newer technology like expandable banners increases the overall viewing area, appeal and the chances that someone will click on the advertisement. Animate it for a definite increase in user response. Despite dire warnings of increasing “banner blindness” the truth is that banner advertising is still a vast, growing industry that provides essential revenue for millions of websites. The key to visibility is to effectively present a relevant message in an innovative way.

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Flash Media

Flash Media, Flash Sites, Flash Video, Flash Animation

Le spécialitié de la maison! With the ubiquitous presence of the Macromedia Flash plug-in, designing media in Flash ensures that delivery, functionality, performance and appearance remain consistent across the broad array of browsers, operating systems and networks. Flash is excellent for web sites, streaming video, banner ads, online training systems and other online applications. The addition of Flash movies in a website opens the way for dynamic ActionScript-based functionality like database queries, streaming video, premium interactivity and object-oriented programming. Use Flash as an excellent complement to any professional website design, or develop an entire Flash website!

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Web, Print and Video Graphics

Graphic Artwork

A balance is found between descriptive graphics, visual appeal and minimal loading times. With every graphic adding to the entire load, global optimization methods trickle down to every detail. Even the smallest icon is carefully optimized. Who wants to be kept waiting?

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Streaming Video

Flash Streaming Video, Design and Programming

Enhance your site by adding streaming video content. By streaming in, the video feed is able to play quickly without having to download the entire file. Excellent for sales and instructional videos. Professional video editing and programming services.

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Style and Function

Dynamic or static, image-focused or database-driven, each website is carefully crafted for the client's particular needs. A variety of features, technology and effects are available to the customer to enhance the website user experience.

Thorough Testing

With effective web design and programming, most website issues never develop. However, every aspect of a website is subjected to rigorous testing on most major browsers and operating systems.


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Add animation to your website, presentation or video project. Subtle effects enhance appeal, whereas animated people, characters, animals, text and objects add depth and dimension to an otherwise static visual presentation. Animation is especially popular in web banner ads to garner attention on a page with stiff competition from content, images and other advertisements. At Kanoa.net you will see many unique examples of animation scattered around the site. Enjoy!

Mobile Game Character Design


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This scenic website is devoted to specialized Feng Shui services. Built with Flash and XML, the web site contains lots of vivid photography and a series of exquisite animated sequences. Feng Shui philosophy guided the layout of the site. Even the navigation is developed based on the five main elements: Water, Earth, Wood, Fire and Metal. Check it out!

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BuyingShow Solutions Website

Starting once again from scratch, this distinctive vivid blue website was created for BuyingShow Solutions, developer of POS ordering systems for food-related trade shows. Following the website development was a matching tri-fold brochure, business cards, letterhead and various application interfaces.

BuyingShow Solutions Tri-Fold Brochure Design: Side 1


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New Driver's Alert Logo Design

Driver's Alert had an old, outdated website and logo that badly needed replacement. The client and I put our heads together and developed a spiffy logo and nifty new website with a Flash video but they wanted more! more! more! So I designed a snazzy set of brochures to promote their vehicle monitoring and fleet management programs. But still they needed more! So I developed business cards, letterhead and flyers, posters for their trade show booth and several Powerpoint presentations too. So now we're working on a fully animated interactive sales video presentation and they still want more!

Driver's Alert Website | All Driver's Alert Projects

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