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Web Developer

Skilled Web Designer

Kanoa is a professional web developer with an exceptional portfolio of web sites, Flash media, web banners, streaming video, web graphics and Flash tutorials.

Website Development

Hire a website developer and designer with at least 10 years of industry experience. Hire a web designer who knows how to carefully optimize images and write clean code that works across many browsers and operating systems. Hire a web developer who knows most of the major programming languages and has worked with many leading companies to strengthen household brand names and their web applications.


Clean, smart code is an essential requirement of any web site design. All web applications are hand-coded with some combination of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DHTML, XML and/or XSLT, PHP, ASP and Flash ActionScript. All work is tested thoroughly.

Most new sites I develop are XHTML 1.0 compliant. XHTML 1.0 Strict is a robust doctype that loads quickly for optimal performance.

Web Sites

Web Design Philosophy

Web sites designed by Kanoa are clean and clutter-free. The navigation is easy to understand and getting around is pretty easy. Graphics tend to be vivid and eye-catching. If there's animation, it's probably animated. Web pages are designed to load quickly and present their informational content in an organized and concise manner. If one of my web sites doesn't meet these requirements, they made me design it at gunpoint.

Adaptability is also key. Websites should always be designed for the specific client's needs and tailored for their visitors. Lots of internet surfers nowadays are using broadband networks and have larger monitors with high color depth, so websites adapt by becoming wider and featuring high-quality images.

Search Engine Optimization

Actually, the whole point of this page is to pack it full of those juicy keywords like “web developer” that search engines crave, so that this site rises a little higher in the hierarchy. I even put this page into a specially named directory. Not that it'll help much. The sites that reach the top of search results were designed by blind walruses from Tanzania. Did I mention that I'm a talented web developer based in Hawaii? Hey, there's only two places I can toot my own horn: in my car and on my web site.


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RealAge contracted me through Aquent, the agency that was also responsible for hooking me up with Proflowers and Gateway. RealAge and I had a good run together, developing over 30 different banners, but my interest waned when I was continually asked to convert other people's designs into animated Flash banners. Flash is my specialty, but so is coming up with new ideas, so my creativity was channeled into developing nifty animations and maintaining strict file size limits.

All RealAge Projects


Flash Plug-In Missing or Disabled
A cool Flash movie would have appeared here.

At the time, Hitachi was promoting three different campaigns: Small Wonder, Global Vision and Inspiration Highway. They had some artwork for each of these programs that didn't translate into eye-catching Flash banner ads. For one, if a photo is placed into Flash, it hogs most of the space allocated for the ad. To animate it properly I had to cut up the images, optimize them individually and re-create them in Flash with some stunning animation and special effects.

All Hitachi Banners

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